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  • Faites la Fête !

    It's time to Party!

    Carnival Time

    Let's celebrate the carnival!

    Want to be dressed like a tomato, a panda, or a superhero ? Party Fiesta offers the best costumes for adults and kids. To combine with some amazing accessories!

  • Wonderful Life

    Wonderful Life

    Slim Aarons

    Now at YellowKorner you can discover the amazing work of Slim Aarons.
    Became a photographer at 18 years of age for the American Army during World War II. After the war, he wanted to be: "photographing attractive people, who were doing attractive things in attractive places."

  • Préparer et fêter le carnaval !

    Free Activities

    Happy Carnival!

    Come to prepare and celebrate the carnival !

    Every day of the holiday come to enjoy workshops especially designed for kids from 3 years old.

    Wednesday 22th february come to participate to our big disguised party !

  • Le Comptoir est ouvert !

    Le Comptoir is open!


    Come to discover our new restaurant Le Comptoir.

    Combining traditional French cuisine with seasonal and original recipes, Le Comptoir is the new place for all your gourmet moments. It's a modern and warm environment ideal to mingle, toast, chat and share good moments.

  • C'est les vacances !

    Come and have fun with us !

    Ballons Sculptors, Magician, Juggler

    On the news today and every other day of the holidays from 2pm to 5pm. Come discover either a magician or a balloons sculptor , and juggler !

  • Message important à tous les hommes!

    Important message to all men!

    Sauver Le Monde Des Hommes is now at Vill'Up

    You need a new tie? or just some amazing shirts Sauver le Monde Des Hommes is made for you !

    Around iconic pieces and treasures from the masculine world, the concept store offers a complete wardrobe including a complete range of accessories, books and objects that make up the world of men. Don't hesitate to come and discover it at Vill'Up.

  • Bensimon loves sales

    Bensimon loves sales

    -40% on kids shoes

    Bensimon LOVE SALES

    -40% on our selection of kids shoes.
    Every limited edition kids shoes are now at 15€

    Size from 23 to 35

    Sales at Bensimon is also -40% on women's clothes and -30% on decoration items*

    *excepting red point

  • Workshops for kids

    Workshops for kids

    Free activites in febuary

    Find workshops especially designed for kids from 3 years old in your IDKIDS store every Wednesday during febuary. Creations, games, learning and fun will be part of the journey.
    To participate, just subscribe to become a member of IDKIDS loyalty program. Join us !

  • Come and have a look at le Binoclard

    Come and have a look at le Binoclard

    The Binoclard is now open in Vill'Up

    The Binoclard offers the latest glasses and sunglasses for men and women including the hottest styles from the most creative and popular brands in the world

  • Piils is open

    Piils is open

    Sneakers, Clothes, Books, Lifestyle

    Piils is a new concept store, the best place to find the latest sneakers, the most original clothes and books in order to be one of the coolest person in town. Piils is a mixt of pop art culture, art, and design.

  • Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Vill'Up

    Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Vill'Up

    First parisian store

    You don’t know Flying Tiger Copenhagen yet ? Come and discover this new Danish concept in Vill'Up. Flying Tiger Copenhagen is the paradise of low prices! You are challenged to leave empty-handed! Flying Tiger Copenhagen is for you, whether you are looking for trendy accessories, decoration items, toys for your kids or simply original gift ideas.



    Conico is located level -1 of Vill'Up

    It is a new brand of Ice Cream that thinks of everyone, willing to offer a wide variety of perfumes, but also and above all a range of ice cream intended for food intolerances.

    You'll find gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free or egg-free ice creams, and some perfumes that have achieved 100% vegetarian certification. Ice creams are handmade and without preservatives. Conico also offers a free range of toppings / syrups.

  • Vill'Up est ouvert

    Vill'Up est ouvert


    Ideally located within the Parc de la Villette, in the 4th bay of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Vill'Up will offer a completely new blend of shopping and fun, inspired by the creativity and vitality of Eastern Paris.
    On the programme: explosive leisure experiences (indoor skydiving, Pathé IMAX® cinema and a hyperspace amusement park), concept stores, designer boutiques and essential brands (Cultura's Paris flagship store, the new ÏDKIDS concept, M&S Food etc.) and the pleasures of bistronomie with vibrant décor and lots of surprises.
    A joyful experience guaranteed for young and old!

    Happy Vill'Up


    Vos dimanches ne seront plus jamais les mêmes !

    Did you know?
    #GoodNews! Vill’Up opens on Sundays ... Shops from 10am to 8pm, the cinema, restaurants, iFLY and Yoo Moov from 10am to one o'clock in the morning!
    Rather good news no? So why not enjoy lunch as a family, the cinema with friends or even shopping with your partner!
    And for those that need fresh air, you have two choices: a walk in the Parc de la Villette or a hair-rippling blast in the iFLY wind tunnel.
    Why not do both?



    ...seront les rois !

    Next to the famous Cité des Enfants, Vill'Up could not fail to keep the very best in store for kids and their parents!
    Cultura's Parisian flagship will give top billing to products for kids (books, toys and games). They'll love ÏDKIDS (bringing together the brands Okaïdi, Obaïbi, Jacadi and Oxybul) Footlocker Kids and DPAM. Without forgetting Papabubble which makes sweets before your little sweetheart's astounded eyes.

  • Fun & Play

    Fun & Play

    VILL'UP est plein de surprises !

    A quirky and provocative place, Vill'Up will be a treasure trove of surprises for young and old. Each nook and cranny contains its unique secrets, attracting the visitor's eye and piquing their curiosity. You'll be able to enjoy a game of pinball or vintage table football, digital games such as the interactive table and arcade games or even a fun and eco-friendly way of recharging your mobile while riding a bike! All in an atmosphere that pleases the senses with great smelling food, taking you on a nostalgic journey and inviting you to let go.

  • iFLY


    Get up & fly

    iFLY offers you the chance to fly in the biggest indoor skydiving tube in the world!
    A unique attraction in the heart of Paris, accessible to everyone aged five and above, iFLY lets you experience the thrill of free falling, in complete safety, with a feeling just like that of a parachute jump.
    Initiations, provided by experienced and passionate instructors, include 2 flights, comparable to the sensations of 3 parachute jumps from an altitude of 4,000 meters. Your instructor will allow you to take off at 1 meter from the ground before you fly up to 4 or 5 meters high.
    Book your flight now to be one of the first to discover this incredible sensation!

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  • LET'S GO!

    LET'S GO!

    La PEUGEOT 404

    It's the emblem of Vill'Up, THE show-piece that we want you to see. Our customised Peugeot 404!
    The small convertible will take pride of place at the entrance to Vill'Up. We'll let you admire detail of the graff'. Because yes, we've had it graff'd by the artist Colorz. Self-taught, he has honed his skills on walls and trains, a style and a signature of his own and which remains a reference for French graffiti.
    We know you and we know that you can't resist a few photos alongside the little racing car... so make the most of it, that's what the 404 is there for! Just like Vill'Up, it'll happily strike a pose for your selfies! Say cheeeeese!



    A ne pas manquer…

    Exclusive! To stay informed on everything (yes, absolutely EVERYTHING) that's happening at Vill'Up, there's nothing simpler: give us your e-mail address.
    > Go to the bottom of the page and click on the button with the small paper aeroplane. Leave your surname, first name and e-mail to be the first to receive all the info, promos and gifts that the entire Vill'Up team is keen to offer you!



    Rdv pour une journée Happy & Fun à Vill’Up !

    Come and enjoy a Happy & Fun day at Vill'Up in the 19th arrondissement of Paris! As a family, with friends or just by yourself, at the heart of the Parc de la Villette, come and make the most of our numerous activities and our shops and restaurants.

    Découvrez le programme